Friday, October 9, 2015

Noise in the library

From the Suggestion Box:

I come to the library to either study alone or in a group. The library is particularly loud. I understand that the top level is for silent study and this is fantastic. When study rooms are booked out sometimes my study group will quietely study together in a computer lab. Computer labs have multiple computers for a range of people to use at once. However, some groups of students, in particular, nursing students, will use these areas to gossip loudly. They are inconsiderate of the other students that are either studying individually or in a group. Other groups tend to keep their voices at minimum and are considerate of the group space. Is it possible for rovers to encourage people to lower their voices in group settings. Private study rooms are the most ideal place for such loud groups or even outside the library as most of the time they are gossiping anyway. Another suggestion is to place signs up in computer lab rooms within the library reminding study groups to be considerate so that multiple groups can study at once.
Library Response:

Thank you for your feedback. The top floor of the Cairns Campus Library is designated as a silent space. Quiet talking is permitted on the other levels of the Library. If you feel that the silent level isn't silent or that the group conversations in the other areas are too loud you are encouraged to contact a Library staff member at the InfoDesk, and the Library staff member will address the issue with anyone who is being too loud or inconsiderate of others. The Rovers will also notify InfoDesk Library staff about any excessive noise, and will continue with their point of need support for students rather than directly address noise issues with students. Thanks for your signage suggestion. At this stage our preference is to address any noise issues with proactive staffing but we do review signage regularly and consider how it can contribute to creating a user-friendly library environment.

Kate Wanchap
Manager, Cairns Campus Library

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ordering a new textbook

From the Talkback Board

Hello, Will you be getting in Angela Woollacotts new book "Settler Society in the Australian Colonies". Many thanks

Library Response: 

Thank you for your request, we have ordered the book and it will be appearing on the shelves in the Cairns Library soon.  You may be interested to know that you can order books you think are relevant to your studies by using the Purchase Request Form, which can be found at 

Stephen Anderson 
Acting Associate Director - Information & Research Services