Monday, October 13, 2008

Email Issues

From the Suggestion Box:

Im sure you have received many email however what is happening to the email. I am currently located overseas and am not able to access my email althought I had no trouble yesterday. Through these pathways is my only access to JCU. When will it be back up?

Library Response

There was a problem with the email service following an update. ITR contacted Mirapoint support and the problems should now be resolved. If you are still experiencing difficulty with accessing your email you should contact InfoHelp on 4781 5500

UpToDate Online

From the Suggestion Box:

I am one of the medical students who is usually located in Mackay. The Uptodate database is a wonderful resource and is very commonly used throughout Queensland Health. It is also used frequently internationally as well. JCU has medical students who are located permentenly in many places which cannot access the Uptodate database as they are technically not on the townsville or cairns campus. It would be increadbly helpful to access this service off campus as this is a very common databases that consulants will say say go look up "..." on Uptodate.

Library Response

This question has been referred to our liaison team for the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences, who will respond directly to the person who has submitted the suggestion.

UpToDate Online is a Current Awareness services that provides the most up to date information on various medical and health topics. It is currently available on campus only, as it is a site specific license.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Library & Computing Website

From the suggestion box:
What happened to the new look Library and Computing page?

Library Response:
The complexity of the library website and its integration with externally hosted services led to some unforeseen problems which prevented it publishing completely from the University’s CMS. We are working through these issues with the assistance of IT&R and expect to launch the new site shortly.