Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recycled Paper

From the Suggestion Box

I was reading suggestions and noticed that you believe recycled paper is more expensive than normal paper. I've found in most supermarkets, for example woolworths that Recycled paper costs the same amount as regular paper. Surely it would be possible to get bulk packs of this paper from suppliers for the printers at JCU. Thankyou.

Library Response

Thanks for your suggestion. The situation since the last response on the email suggestion box in April has not changed. The Cairns Library currently has one photocopier, on the top floor, using recycled paper. Thus students do have the option of choosing to photocopy on recycled paper. Unfortunately at this point in time recycled paper is more expensive from the University's preferred supplier for us to purchase. So it has not been possible to introduce recycled paper across all printers and copiers without increasing the cost to students; we try to keep the cost of printing and copying as low as possible.

However we do have sympathy for environmental issues and regularly review our supply of consumables such as paper. Printing and photocopying for students in 2009 is presently being reviewed so it is possible the situation could change in the future. We will take your suggestion board in reviewing printing and photocopying for 2009.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


From the suggestion box:

printing is very expensive

Library response:

The existing price is in line with other universities, for instance QUT charges 10 cents per page. The copying and printing service is currently under review and there may be a price decrease in 2009.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


From the Suggestion Box:
I love the JCU Cairns library, it's great.  I have one small request:  Is there any way to improve the lighting on the top floor desks?  They aren't so well lit... I know other libraries have desks with lamps on them, which are usually easier on the eyes for reading.  It gets hard to read at night, especially at the computer desks.  Thank you.
Library Response:
Thank you for the positive feedback. There are currently a number of light globes requiring replacement above the computer desks on the top floor of the Library Building in Cairns. We have asked the Facilities Management staff to replace the globes as a matter of urgency. This should resolve the issue and improve the lighting in that area of the building. However Library staff will continue to monitor the situation, and investigate alternative solutions if necessary.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Noise in the Library

From the suggestion box:

Could somebody PLEASE monitor and enforce regulations on noise in the library? People seem to be allowed to greatly disturb other students by freely holding loud conversations and phone calls. I would like to see the library able to be used as a place of study and research, and far less as a social venue.

Library response:

The library endeavours to provide quiet study spaces for students. The Eddie Koiki Mabo Library (Townsville) has a TOTAL SILENCE ZONE along the southern wall on the top floor of the building. This zone has been established for those students who want absolute silence while studying.
  • Conditions of access for these areas are: No mobile phones; No children.
Other areas in the Library are for group study and quiet conversation, including the Eastern and Western discussion rooms on the top floor and the "Coffee Friendly Zone" located on the ground floor adjacent to Copying Services. All areas are clearly marked on the Library floor plans.

It is very difficult for library staff to constantly monitor all areas of the library, so we ask that students are courteous, considerate and use their common sense while in the Library. Library staff will deal with specific complaints of noise or inappropriate use of the library in accordance to library policies.

This is an issue that we hope to address better with the redevelopment of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Chrome Browser

From the suggestion box:

Hi, I just wanted to suggest that it might be a good option to install the new Google Chrome Browser in the computers as it seems to have good security and more speed. Thanks

Library response:

IT&R provides three choices for students when it comes to web browsers in our General Access and Teaching Labs. Students are free to choose from either: Internet Explorer (PC only), Firefox (PC or Mac) or Safari (Mac only). We believe that the three currently available browsers are sufficient to meet the needs and demands of the student population and there are no plans at this stage to increase that number.

Google Chrome Browser is a very new product and the IT community have already discovered and exploited security vulnerabilities in its design. There are also some architectural problems with the software that the developers will need to address and overcome before JCU even considers it safe and suitable for inclusion in our GATCF desktop image.