Thursday, August 14, 2008

Textbooks - 2 Day Loans

From the suggestion box:

As per my e-mail 15 April this year. As an Equity student I find it difficult to afford the prescribed texts for all my subjects. Because of this I have to rely on the resources of the library for prescribed texts for my elective subjects. At present there are two two-day loan texts for the subject I am studying. The library's response was that the two day loan system is sufficient for students to access the texts. At present there are four people waiting for the text. That means that if lucky and depending upon everyone doing the right thing I will have access to the book again in eight days. This is not enough time to complete the required reading for my lecture and tutorial in 6 days from know. Is there a reason that there is not a reserved copy of each prescribed text in permanent collection so that the text can be accessed for photocopying of reading in the library. Therefore affording access to the text at all times by students who rely on the library's resources to complete their studies. As demonstrated the two day loans system has serious access issues. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Library Response:

As stated in the previous response the library orders multiple copies of textbooks depending on the class numbers and the campus where the subject is taught. "2 hour loans" can be organised by lecturers or the relevant liaison librarian when a book is in high demand to ensure that students have ready access to material. In this case the liaison librarian for history has organised for a copy of this text to be placed on 2 hour loan. You can always see staff at the InfoHelp desk when you are having trouble accessing a book and they can pass your request directly to the relevant librarian for action.